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Emma’s presence, the power of her voice, her ability to hold the audience without props, without PowerPoint presentation. Her engaging with the audience, combining information sharing with a range of effectively guided meditation and relaxation exercises. An amazing speaker with great presence, an excellent sense of pace and space, very focused, articulate, daring in her bare approach. The highlight of the NAP 2018.

CIPD West Yorkshire Committee member, Bradford Branch.

On a personal note I found the sleep well seminar very interesting and in some areas fascinating. I have tried some of the techniques and have to admit, they do work. The delivery of the training and advice was very good. No power points, which I like and it is clear that Emma is VERY knowledgeable about her subject and shows passion in her delivery.

OIM, Repsol Sinopec UK

At AV Dawsons River Tees terminals we support major players in oil and gas and renewable energy supply chains. In these increasingly competitive industries productivity and health and safety have never been more important. During our leaderships and staff development programmes we identified fatigue as a major issue affecting personal success in the work place and happiness at home. Career pressures, relationship issues, and financial worries can all affect sleep patterns and impact on daily behavior. We engaged Emma Cook and Purely Balanced to deliver a series of sleep seminars for senior and operational management as well as targeted individuals identified by our HR team.

The sessions were enjoyable and engaging and the feedback has been excellent. There have been noticeable benefits for staff morale, a reduction in tensions, and related increase in productivity. I really can’t recommend Emma’s services highly enough!

Managing Director, AV Dawson Ltd

Fascinating subject. Instructor was very knowledgeable on her subject matter. Will defiantly use techniques which were simple but effective to learn. This would be great benefit to shift workers.

HSE Lead, Repsol Sinopec

Very informative all nice and simple techniques anyone can do, suitable for all people. I think there is definitely a need to help people understand the tools they have are there to be used and how to use them.

Iqaris – Repsol Sinopec

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