Shout It Out

Shout It Out

Shout It Out

How To:

Get in your car*

Take yourself to a layby somewhere no one else is.

Both hands on the wheel.

Scream and shout at the TOP of your voice.

Anything and everything you need to weather its curse words, an argument you wish you could have, just a normal scream, an ARRRGGGHHH or a high pitched one it doesn’t matter just get it up and let it out.

Stamp your feet if you need to (providing you can and you aren’t driving the car and you are stationary).

Shake your body hit the steering wheel ANYTHING.


* (if you don’t have a car do it at home when you alone in the house or take a walk and find a secluded area)


So what is it for? Well, day to day life happens, things will wind you up, things will annoy you, things might not go the way you planned or someone else maybe in a strop and takes it out on you. Whatever is it that is going on we tend to live life wound up quite tightly – check your self for this now – are you holding onto tension by way of keeping hold of a conversation you have had? Are you over thinking something over and over in your mind? Are you wanting to express your self and your feelings but not sure how? Anything like any of these points fits for this technique. IN FACT this technique works even if everything is totally fine a good scream and shout is just good for the soul!

The reason it works is because sometimes we take things in a certain way and while we hold on to it while the other person involved has long forgot it so we end up in this stifled emotion holding onto a feeling that will build and build inside of us and then BOOM all of a sudden we find our selves snapping over small insignificant things, having a go at someone for over road rage, being annoyed because the line in the supermarket is just too long, being annoyed because someone’s had you on hold for too long, snapping at children, spouse or loved one … sound familiar?? Thought so …

See we may think we let things go and sometimes this is true but sometimes we don’t, and when we don’t we end up in this tight energetical state and we become a victim of our own hurt and aggression.

Screaming helps resolve this – it releases all kinds of built up tension and emotion and hormones and it gives the system a good shake up and rebalance AND ITS FREE AND ACCESSIBLE FROM WHERE EVER (you could even scream into a pillow while your music in your house is turned up if you cant get alone time)

The reason I recommend a car or a secluded area is simply because you will feel a little bit daft the first few times you do this and lets be honest we do most of our sour faced frowning in our cars – check this out next time you drive anywhere just take a quick look at the surrounding vehicles nearly EVERYONE looks like they are in a foul mood!

Things to try alongside this technique:

·       Turning the music up as high as it can go so you can not hear yourself (if your feeling abit daft and out of place the first time you try this, add music)

·       Arguing the argument you are wanting to have (I’m going to use work as an example but this is also amazing for relationships) Lets say you’ve had a day at work and someone in the office has said something to you and caused a great deal of anger and discomfort within you. Take this to your car, scream shout and do all of the above THEN simple say what you need to say .. vent it, list it, announce your feelings, announce your argument, say what you wish you had said at the time OR what you wish you COULD have said but maybe couldn’t because this person is a higher rank then you. The circumstances don’t matter – the conversations does. What you will find is our minds need to address things and using this part of the technique that’s exactly what you will achieve. Like the lemon test (for those who have sat in my seminars) your mind and body react to one another, just because the person isn’t near you doesn’t mean you wont feel the same amount of relief as you would if they were in front you. It works by allowing yourself to just let it go in safe place. You may even find the more you do this technique the more that you will talk yourself down off your ledge and back to safety, you may even start to think of the other person point of view : Why they did this, Why they said that, What they may have been feeling at the time of the event…what ever this makes you do let yourself help yourself by letting your mind and subconscious be free with this.


Now I know this sounds a little crazy but guys but the feedback I get from this is amazing so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it at least a few times just to get the hang of it. Also I obviously don’t recommend keeping feelings to yourself if you need to express to someone and you can then please, take that option first, this is simply for them little things in life that if we did voice and address they may cause disruption and maybe it was only ever an issue in the first place because we were in a tightly wound up state. So this technique actually helps you clear your own air and once you voice it its almost as if you start to rationalise with yourself certain things so you may find the conversation doesn’t need to happen or you may get a sense of peace from doing this and the issue may become irrelevant OR you may just feel better after it and then realise that it actually is worth addressing, it does need to be voiced and you can approach it from a state of empowerment rather than a state of aggression.


If you have stress and pressure as part of your day to day and you would like help to change that and live a less stressed way please check out out Be Kind To Your Mind section here