Pimms And Needles

Pimms And Needles

Hello Girlies,

Well what a fabulous group you all were! As promised here are some of our top tips.

Firstly you can find my YouTube links on my web site:

www.purelybalanced.info > top right hand of the tool bar > Youtube > Playlists > Sleep Well


On here you can do what ever you wish. The breathing is all on there the 3 techniques:
Belly Breaths
Body Scan
Delta sounds for deep sleep
Theta sounds for relaxation

There is a second playlist called 21 Days To Tranquility that’s self explanatory with an introduction feel free to have a browse. Remember ladies its all only to and with me so no third party bumph or emails its all only me so you will only get PurelyBalanced Updates when I do more which are only ever for your best interest.

But girls, hit subscribe as I update as I record so you will be notified of new videos and things that may work for you better then others remember its all for you and your own personal preference so you may need to check back and see if there is anything new for you, hitting subscribe will automatically tell you when I upload anything 😊


So my little lovelies here we go with out top tips;

1.       Counting backward from 250

2.       Open posture when you sleep

3.       Clearing your mind daily to avoid evening mind chatter

4.       EYE MASKS – Click here to buy!

5.       Napping if needed or taking a Time Out during your day if you had an unrested evening the night before

6.       Giving your self permission to have a bad night sleep! if its happening and you can not stop it – Leave it alone – get productive , if you cant be bothered to be productive then try to sleep more … remember its all about mindset and the way we look at things. Ask yourself is there anything I can do right now to make my tomorrow better … if yes DO IT … if no , try the above techniques to help relax yourself but always remember …. (TIP No7)

7.       SLEEP DEBT you can have a bad night as long as you retry harder the following night. Run a bath, Relax, Eye Mask, Face Mask, Earlier bed time even just to chill .. you just need to let your body catch up. On my YOUTUBE channel you can find all kinds of meditations and ideas. 21 Days to Tranquility playlist you have a choice of 21 different mini meditations 7 minutes each and this will also cause a ‘videos like this’ under the playlist if you don’t like mine, shop around the list is endless. You want to be YouTube searching ‘sleep meditation’ ‘relaxing meditation music’ things like that.

8.       REMEMBER YOU ARE HUMAN give your self credit when credit is due. Check out my other blog on here called ‘Shout it out’ it could be of interest to you. But just give your self permission to have a bad day or to have a bad night or even just to feel what ever youre wanting to feel EVEN IF ITS UNREALISTIC to feel what ever it doesn’t matter. If your feelings are there let them out. Again back to shout it out blog, sometimes we just need to feel this stuff but sometimes it doesn’t suit to feel it around people so maybe try in your car – read the blog and try it 😊

9.       Chakra Blog .. again its in this section of BLOGS on my website , this is for them days when you don’t know what it is but you seem bothered and annoyed at EVERYTHING . Eyes closed , take it to white then think of a colour and check out what that colour symbolises. Let it resonate then let it go.

10.   Devices NIGHT LIGHT MODE all devices are built with a night shift mode turning the blue screen to orange – google it if you don’t know how to do it on your device – and then turn it on from 6pm at night to 6am in the morning. Giving your body a break from the blue light emitting off the screens changing the production of cortisol, the wake up hormone.

11.   Every so often if you are tried GO TO BED none of this ‘oh iv only been in for an hour’ loose that NOW 😊 .. listen to your body if youre tired REST its natures way of saying ‘WOMAN, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH’ (haha) girls just listen to your body and its needs.

12.   Keep hydrated and (health permitting you can) Salt and food choices to be aware of for those mid day luls!

13. Glass of water on a morning first thing you do to start your day.


There’s a few for you my lovelies. Please feel free to share this link to your Facebook page and tag friends and family who may need a bit of PurelyBalanced Sleep Well Seminar, share the YouTube and share your experiences with your friends. Its all free and they could all probably do with some of the tips.


Anyone wanting to leave me a review for my testimonials page please email me on;

Emma.cook@purelybalanced.co.uk I would be grateful of the feedback, also if anyone would like to see me in their place of work please send me the details of someone in your company I can contact and tell them what we do. The main site is www.purelybalanced.co.uk


Thank you so much for your wonderful attention, you were all an amazing crowd and I hope to see you all again very very soon.


Thank you 😊

Love Emma xoxox


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