Eye Masks: How To

Eye Masks are great as a part of a bedtime routine. Using your eye mask before bed helps your mind and body to realise its time to ‘switch off’ and go to sleep but also if you just need a quick fix during the day you can take yourself to a chair or place where you can take a few moments to yourself and follow the instructions below. As children we were conditioned to have a bedtime routine but as adults we kind of forget that and get into this mindset of ‘I don’t need a bedtime, I am an adult now and I go to bed when I want’. We then push past our bodies telling us we are tired and we end up going way over due and into that second wind we all know so well and find ourselves sat thinking ‘I wish I went to bed earlier when I felt tired’! We all do it, don’t worry! The problem is we do it so many times that we aren’t even consciously aware of it now and we now just automatically push past feeling tired and take ourselves to a point of late evenings and early mornings. If you can, once in a while, try to fall asleep when you are actually tired and this will help your body regulate your hormones and your secretion of melatonin and cortisol in a nice balanced way that works for you. Other than that we have this wonderful little invention of an eye mask! The eye mask is beneficial for sleep because:

  • They keep the place dark – we need dark for our eyes to switch off and sometimes our surroundings cannot be helped or made dark, so an eye mask becomes a blessing for these cases
  • Pressure on the eye lid helps sooth the eye into a state of relaxation as well as helping you to switch off and taking off you for the conscious effort of keeping your eyes closed
  • Is a comforting way to tell your body and mind its time to relax and switch off

Using the eye mask When you are ready to switch off for an evening of rest and sleep or just for a quick 15 minute break simply pop the eye mask on, make sure your body positioning is open and you can breathe easy and deeply into your lower stomach. Make sure your legs and arms aren’t crossed and just allow yourself to bring your attention to centre with your mind and body. Make your breathing slower and longer creating a physiological relaxed feeling. Follow this with allowing thoughts to come and go just take your mind back to your breathing if you happen to wander off and continue to keep doing that for as long and as much as you need. It will vary in times and it will vary in thoughts that come up. If it is something you need to deal with then do so but if not allow yourself to consciously say ‘thanks for that, I’ll deal with it in a little while’ and focus back on the breathing.   If you take a look at our YouTube Channel in the tool bar above and follow the Theta or Delta video both of these are great for switching off. The length of time varies but if you only have a few moments check out either breathing or meditation 7 minute video on 21 days to Tranquility – any of the days will do as they go up in numbers. The video instructions change so in your free time check them out and see which works best for you and save them for ease of access in the future.