Why Deal with Fatigue In The Workplace Anyway?

It has now been proven that a good night sleep is a direct and instant approach to help improve mental health state and studies are now proving that if you improve your sleeping pattern you are 60% less likely to develop poor mental health. Not to mention a good night sleep improves your immune system too .. making you better mentally and physically. We all have ‘mental health’ the same way we all have ‘physical health ‘…. it just depends on what we do daily as to weather they are  good or bad.

Getting a good night sleep improves your cortisol levels (the stress and anxiety hormone) meaning you have reduced stress in your life AND if that wasn’t enough … a good night sleep improves your focus, energy and organisational skills!

Fatigue in the workplace can also be one of the reasons we have accidents at work or loose productivity. Studies show when your body is fatigued and under rested your brain switches to alpha state where you become semi conscious part of the time, a state  we commonly recognise as “that feeling of not remembering getting from A to B” this is your bodies way of telling you it needs more sleep.

I mean, think about it .. how good do YOU feel after a good night sleep?  Now imagine a workforce full of people like that. Imagine the productivity of your team if they were well rested and ready for their day, every day!


Top Tips:

·       Counting backward from 250

·       Eye mask and bed time routine – Click here to buy!

·       Body posture check in – keep it open

·       Breathing – Belly breathing

·       Youtube channel Purely Balanced videos for aids – hit subscribe to get updated videos

·       Drinking a glass of water to wake you up on a morning

·       If you have a bad nights sleep CATCH IT UP go to bed earlier the next day sleep debt is 24 hours, allow yourself room to relax and catch up if sleep is missed


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·       Online after care help

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