Chakras: What do your Chakras want you to know…

This is a way to access part of your subconscious you may not be aware of. The colours all have different meanings and frequencies and these resonate with our subconscious thoughts. If you are finding you cannot quite switch off, bring your attention and mind to blank. Bring in the belly breathing, take your attention to the colour white and simply let your mind wonder to a colour…take that colour and check it out below – relate one or two of the bullet points to an area of your life and voila, you have then allowed your self to resonate with the issue meaning you can deal with it there and then or deal with it in the morning. Even if it seems insignificant just allow it to come to your conscious attention then allow it to leave again.

At the bottom you will find YouTube links to realign and reset your unbalanced Charka.

This is link to the YouTube Channel PurelyBalanced. It’s a 7 minute Chakra balancing video, tuning in and realigning all of your Chakras one after the other. Good for Stressed days and good for before bed on an evening. Recommended to be listened with head phones for a more intense listening experience.

Red – Root Chakra Blocked

If you:

  • are afraid of the future
  • lack the trust that all will be well
  • often feel hopeless and drained
  • feel like you are losing your ground
  • are insecure about your decisions
  • feel worried about your finances
  • have a negative body image

It might be that your root chakra is inactive or imbalanced.

Orange – Sacral Chakra Blocked

If you:

  • lack of passion and feeling like you are on a treadmill in life – same thing different day
  • struggling to digest certain aspects of your life
  • turmoil in life, love or work
  • lack of trust in yourself
  • feeling like you’ve lost the reins on your life or as if you aren’t in control
  • feeling jealousy

It might be that your root chakra is inactive or imbalanced.

Yellow – Solar Plexus Blocked

If you:

  • have a lot of pent-up aggression and lose control of your emotions often
  • are fearful of life, have trouble with personal growth and are crippled by criticism
  • are not able to let things go, are stuck in the past and dwell on negative experiences
  • feel like you are not in control of your life or you blame others for your misfortunes
  • often feel stressed, have trouble sleeping or are haunted by fears and nightmares
  • have a negative image of yourself or let others define how you see yourself
  • are overly competitive

It is very likely that your solar plexus chakra needs some attention to restore it to its full health.

Green – Heart Chakra Blocked

If you:

  • feel lonely and have trouble connecting with other people
  • are in a troubled relationship or are separated
  • adapt too much in a relationship because you fea rejection and loneliness
  • want to be more loving to yourself and others,
  • feel exhausted after spending time with friends or work
  • are too clingy, jealous, or controlling in a relationship
  • expect of others to do and behave as you want them to, or you resort to emotional blackmail

It might be that your heart chakra is out of balance. You should address that imbalance immediately

Blue – Throat Chakra Blocked

If you:

  • are very shy and often feel insecure
  • have trouble verbalising your feelings and emotions
  • are uncomfortable expressing your opinions
  • often get stuck creatively, even though you know you are artistically talented
  • frequently use the wrong words only to realise you’ve unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings
  • have a habit of being manipulative, controlling, or excessively talkative and overbearing
  • are not accepting other people’s opinions

You should look into ways how to balance your throat chakra.

Purple – Third Eye Chakra

If you:

  • have difficulty assuming responsibility
  • find it hard to accept new ideas or opinions different from your own
  • lack imagination
  • have trouble concentrating or retaining information
  • cannot seem to find meaning in life
  • feel you cannot access your intuition

To help you tune in to your Chakra type into YouTube:

“(Frequency THz of your colour) meditation”

You will find a varied list of different lengths and different sounds, go with the one that first catches your attention. Try and do this as soon as you get the colour to your mind – even if you only keep it on for 10 minutes the frequency of the music will help rebalance the chakra you have been made aware of.

Colour Wavelength nm Frequency THz
Red 625 – 740 400 – 484
Orange 590 – 625 484 – 508
Yellow 565 – 590 508 – 526
Green 520 – 565 526 – 606
Blue 500 – 520 606 – 670
Indigo 435 – 500 670 – 700
Violet 380 – 435 700 – 789