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What we have here is a ‘How To’ manual of helping you help yourself.

We have used scientifically proven strategies that help you switch off and regroup with yourself, even for just two minutes. With this business to business service, I come to your place of work and hold our Sleep Well Seminar. For access to all of these and to hosting your own Purely Balanced Seminar go to our main site:


If you are not a business and you are on here as a follow up to seeing me in your place of work then please be aware that I will be uploading YouTube videos regularly with some of the techniques covered in the seminar and some new ones too.

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We hope you all find this interesting and useful. Please feel free to share this with friends and family – the directions are in the videos.

What you will find

The YouTube channel has videos specifically designed to work with the psycho cybernetics of your being and mind. Using Binaural beats it works with frequencies and sound waves, some to energise you, some to calm you and some to help send you to sleep; all working with the brain waves in your mind.

21 days to tranquility is a mind set changing course, it helps you tune in with yourself and start your day off right. Short 7 minute videos guide you daily and there is even a way you can drop that down to 2 minutes (for those of us who are ‘too busy’ for this sort of stuff). There are meditation videos, sleep well videos, yoga nidra, energy clearing and all kinds of varieties. What you need to know is not all of them will be for you, some will resonate with you, some will not – this will change as you go so have a flick around, see what you fancy and start there. There is no right or wrong with this, you are simply going to go with what your body needs – so just listen to it!


See a selection of what our customers and those from the seminars have had to say about us. You can see first-hand that this service is for everyone and anyone, but don’t just take my word for it!

If you have anyone you think could benefit from this, pop them the link and help them help themselves.

After all we could all do with a little more sleep and a little more inner calm couldn’t we?!

Charity Aim

My aim for Purely Balanced is to get the power behind me to add self-development into schools.

I aim to build a charity that reaches all schools, so that we can teach children the art of finding stillness and calm in this mad rushed up world. All the money in the world won’t help a child feel calm inside, it’s an inside job and they need to be taught how. I am aiming that with Purely Balanced we get a whole load closer to that. By being on this website you are helping towards that goal. Please pass on the ‘kids only’ part of this to all who you know. Let’s help us help our children. Thank you for your support.

Emma Cook



Kids only

This is our gift to you: whether you’ve seen or used Purely Balanced or not is irrelevant for this…this is for all children. On here you will find some suggestions that kids will resonate with and be interested in; including links to YouTube and a SoundCloud channel section where you will find guided meditations for children, bedtime stories that help your little one switch off by working with their active little mind, video uploads of ideas, suggestions, aids for children and more.

Children are our passion. We think they are such wonderful little humans who grow to become the next generation to build our world. Imagine if we could give them a set of tools to help them do this in the best mental state possible, to help them learn breathing techniques and visions which will keep them centred and calm, no matter what life throws their way!

We aim to provide children with the tools to help them tune into their body so they grow up knowing themselves inside and out. Changing this whole medicated life style we seem to have and turning it round to a meditated one that they can call on for their whole life. Relaxed and calm with a self-worth and understanding that’s second to none! Children are amazing little versions of us, what a beautiful gift it is to give a child the power to help them help themselves in later life.

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For more information about our workshops or to discuss your specific requirements please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Cook on:

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