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We don’t have a magic pill to make it all go away and create calm daily…NO ONE DOES! What we do have is a whole load of knowledge and tools behind us to help you help yourself feel better. We believe if you change the way you look at things then the things you look at change.

This is no self-help strategy to get you meditating daily (although you may find you end up wanting to!). This is a real life approach, you won’t have to change anything, you will just learn to slow down a little and listen to your self a bit more as the power that comes with just 2 minutes of checking in with yourself is mind-blowing. We hope you find all you need in the pages to follow.

Whether your a 9-5 worker or even if you find yourself not employed, for some reason we all end up in this cycle of being worn out, tired, run down and just not very present in our present day living!

My aim has always been to change that! I don’t have a magic pill to make it all go away or to create calm daily, NO ONE DOES. What I do have is knowledge behind me and tools to help you help yourself feel better within yourself. Making you stronger mentally and physically so that you don’t need to change your surroundings will help change you meaning. You will then be able to see things much more clearer and able to make changes (only if needed of course).

This is not a self-help strategy to get you meditating daily. This is a real life approach from someone who’s been there and who, at the start, was never into this whole working with yourself. I never really knew how to but what I did come to realise is that no one really gives you reasons of ‘How To’ or ‘Why’, they just make you nod along, hook you in and then leave you there wanting more.

Well I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and as I said years, have found ‘How To’s’ and am sharing them with everyone. And guess what? Here we are I’ve only gone and found the hidden secret!


On here will be suggestions of things you may be interested in, all of which are up to the user’s discretion and none of this is a sales pitch for you to buy anything. If you see it and think it would help then that is your decision. These products are simply suggestions and aids I have found useful over the time I have been presenting.

Question and Answer

If you have any questions at any point and would like to raise them to me please find yourself here also if you are new and this is your first time on the site please note some of it will  be hard to understand as I cover all ground in the Seminars so if you haven’t sat in on a seminar it might be new to you, you can however send me a message with your company name and HR or HSE leads email address and ill contact them about potentially coming to your place of work and holding Purely Balanced Seminar.

Questions aim to be answered within 7 days.

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